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 Business Marketing is the practice of using marketing techniques to sell products and services. Companies and individuals use marketing techniques to create awareness about their products and services and sell them to another companies and individuals. The buyer companies and individuals may use the products for their benefits or resell them to other customers. It is also known as industrial or B2B marketing. Business marketing is usually confused and compared with consumer marketing. A major difference lies in the audience targeted by both of these because while in business marketing the buyer is not essentially the final consumer of the product; in consumer marketing, the buyer is always the final consumer of the product. Also, business marketing deals with both buyers and sellers, with its target base at companies or small set of individuals. Consumer marketing, on the other hand, has a broad sample space, and the interactions between the buyer and seller are minimal.

Business Marketing Strategies

  • Sales and Distribution

The technique of sales and distribution is the most sought after by business organizations because of its capability of generating the good amount of sales, revenue and customer satisfaction. As a result, the business organizations are always in search of skilled and capable work-force to increase and maintain the sales of the products and goodwill of the company.

  • Pricing

The price of a product has a huge impact on its sale. Hence, it is essential to make thoughtful and smart decisions about the price of a product which should not only be by the quality of the product but should also be competitive with the prices being offered by other companies.

  • Communication methodology

A very important aspect of business marketing is to create awareness about the product in the market. To achieve this goal, various techniques such as the creation of websites, public relations, and search engine optimization are used. These techniques require innovation but make a huge difference to the sales of products.

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