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Change management is somewhere related with the changes in some internal systems of organization. These changes can be concerned with individuals or teams. It is an approach to support and prepare individuals and teams or even an organization for the overall organization change.  Redefining the resources, working processes and budget allotment and management, etc. are on focus for the change in organization or business. One should not confuse with the two terms – organizational change management and change management. While organizational change management (OCM) deals with the whole organization or business, change management (CM) considers small changes that could lead to betterment of business. These changes can be behavioral changes, social changes, or changes related to technology & information etc.  Change Management, thus focus on people or employees and teams and how they are affected by the structure or process and small working concepts of the organization. In the context of project management, change management is considered alternatives to change control processes which are further related with the formal processes of the organization including information technology and keep a check on the coordinated working of such changes to a product or a system.

What bought the need of changes?

Since historical times, researchers have been working continuously to understand the whole context. Everett Rogers, American communication theorist and sociologist, in 1960 originated diffusion of innovation theory which states at what rate innovation is spreading and further stated four basic elements for the spread of innovation and these are:

  • Innovation itself i.e. the power of innovation is spreading itself within the society
  • Communication channels
  • Time
  • Social system

Everett Rogers purposed that these elements are responsible for spread of new ideas and thereby innovations which further affect the human capital. And thus get diffused in the form of multiple disciplines. He argued that changes must be bought within the context of time that creates an opportunity to understand that how participants are affected by such changes.

On the other hand, technology has been advancing from time to time. Ordinary people are not just making them modern in fashion sense they are adapting such technological changes within their lives. For instance, mobiles or smartphones have now become the basic need of every human. Such phenomenon like mobile adaptability and the changes in media channels or communication channels has after the business processes to a great extent; demanding for the changes and therefore change management. Just like family and social environment affects a man’s life, business processes are also affected by technological and social changes in the same way. People are now opting for easy methods to reach to the products and services like online shopping and these things are further pressuring the business organizations to work for such changes and thereby adopt such environment. In the race of success and technological innovations or globalization processes, a company is affect more by its external environment rather than its internal environment. Because a company is run on the satisfaction of customers connect with company via its products and services. And a customer would prefer the ease in access to such services. If a company doesn’t follow new innovative techniques then its services would be like a waste of time from customer’s point of view. Companies advancing with the technological world are likely to stand in the competitive environment otherwise they will just left behind among the competitors and will get vanished from the customer’s mind, for sure!

Companies should learn the techniques to walk set by stem with the change in technology because these changes will further affect the working processes, departments and the employees. Positive or negative impact of changes in any organization is decided by the effectiveness of model set for the change management.

Challenges in front of Change Management

Change Management Assignment Help also includes the challenges being faces under the processes of change management and theses major challenges can be:

  • Integration: Integration with the technology, new strategies and social system has bought a challenge for seeking skilled people or collaboration between people with skills sets.
  • Navigation: Navigation is to manage projects and processes with the change in time which further demands for flexibility and employee empowerment.

Human Factors: Sometimes people feel uncomfortable with the use of new technical products and they don’t like to adapt such changes. One can make comparison of this thing with Newton’s first law of motion which says that an object remain in the state of motion or stationary unless or until force is applied on this. Similarly, unless and until the technology is forced to get involved within the basic needs of people, people don’t accept to purchase the related products.

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