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Before focusing on the term civil engineering, one needs to trace the importance and the path from where the work under the field of engineering has been originated. Engineering means the practical work, the hard work of man power which has always lead to new innovations in science and technology. It is an ultimate civilization of the world. Engineering has been an important part of life since the beginning of life on earth especially the human life. One can have a great example of Egyptians who had made the construction of pyramids with different styles and structure. At that time there were no machines and no technology; just by using the mind and man power, the world has now reached at this level where engineering and its applications has become a necessary part of life. House construction or architectural work, production of vehicles, production of machines and designs, production of sanitary pipes etc. everything has now become possible with the knowledge of engineering and science.

During earlier times especially between 4000 and 2000 BC when humans were on the path of survival and were creating new ways to live more easy life; engineering has been in the use since that time. During that period, the development in the field of engineering directed towards the manufacturing of wheels and sailing because travelling was becoming an important part of life. Civil engineering assignment help is concerned with the increase in applications of civil engineering (in modern times) when Romans started developing with new innovations including dams, harbors, bridges, insula etc. Another examples that marked the development of civil engineering include the great wall of China,  Qanat water management system,  and extensive irrigation system in Arunadhapura, Sri Lanka. Until the period of modern times, civil engineering and architectural were used interchangeably, there were not much difference between the two terms. With the introduction of industrial revolution in UK during early 19th century, division between civil engineering and military engineering were created and led to the new initiatives in the field of education of engineering.

Engineering is now an important part of education system. No single subject is complete without the attempt of engineering or its applications. It is now studied as a main or disciplinary subject or as a part of sub-discipline subject. Civil Engineering Assignment Help focuses on the degree courses in civil engineering which is limited for the study period of 3 to 5years. After completing the course of study the engineer need to get certified by completing the requirements i.e. cracking exams or tasks given. Once the engineer attain a certification for the professional degree, he or she is called as a chartered professional engineer especially in Australia and New Zealand. It varies from location to location that what benefits should be assigned to a certified engineer. Civil Engineering is closely connected with the manufacturing, processing or working of dams, electric and communications supply, sewer, drainage system and water supply system. Areas for the study of civil engineering include:

  • HEATING AND COOLING SYSTEM: heating and cooling system has been an important tool for spending upgraded lifestyles. This has led to the innovations like air condition, gas furnaces, heating pumps etc. This field is related with the efficient use of energy for the comfort of life. The most important subfield under this category is HVAC which stands for heating, ventilation, and Air conditioning-a complete study of heating and cooling systems. HVAC is that technology which is used for indoor and vehicular environment comfort. Heating systems are related with further types such as furnace, heat pumps and boilers. Cooling systems include the further types room Air conditioners and evaporative coolers.
  • HYDRAULICS: It is combination of study of science specially chemistry, engineering and the use of liquids. The word hydraulic is originated from the Greek word hydor means water and aulos which means pipe. It is concerned with the concept of water flow from pipe, pumps, fluid control circuitry etc. It is directly connected with the field of river engineering. It deals with the power of water and its pressure. The engineering in the field of hydraulic is concerned with the engineering using the properties of fluids.
  • COMPOSITE MATERIAL: The manufacturing of composite materials needs in-depth knowledge of properties (physical as well as chemical) of the different materials. The final material or composite thus formed possess different properties which has a complete new structure as compare to the different materials used to make a composite material. It is widely used in the building construction and thereby become an important field for architectures.

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