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There are several students who are pursuing Computer Science as their main stream. As it is very fascinating and makes human's life easier. Computer Engineering is the wider term, and it is a branch of engineering, which combines two other branches of engineering, i.e.  computer science and Electronics Engineering. This disciple of engineering includes the wide range of fields like electrical engineering, electronics engineering, and computer science to build computer architecture structure. Computer Engineering includes software design and programming, the overall combination of hardware and software which consists of the different aspects of computing. As it’s the amalgamation of hardware and software so it leads to the problems. We have computer engineering experts working for us who understands the relation between hardware and software systems to the core.

Computer science and computer engineering are difficult as it includes designing complicated hardware system and complex algorithms.  As written above, it is clear that these two disciples are considered as a single branch of computer science cannot work without a machine to sustain it and computer engineering cannot work without software. Computer engineering consist of different  activities in itself to make it better and optimized machines by implementing the concepts of computer science. As of now computer science and computer engineering are known to be an integral part of the different forms of engineering including atomic engineering, Robotics, civil engineering and information technology.

The most common and important use of computer engineering is that it assists in facilitating automation and better control and managing in the engineering process. In electronics and electrical engineering, it helps in building circuit designs.

Computer science and computer engineering have different concepts and play separate roles. Therefore, their assignments are tough for students they have to understand which topic is covered in which field. Computer engineer deals with hardware whereas computer science people deal with software.

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