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Economic is the social science that deals with the study of production, distribution and services of goods or products. The field is further divided into two parts of study microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Microeconomics elaborate the basic elements in the economy, i.e. interaction and the outcome of the interaction between the individual economic agents and the market while Macroeconomics study the whole economy including investment, consumption, production; what factors affect the economy, interaction and effect of land, capital and labor on the economy and many more public policies like monetary. Assignment help with Economics will help you in different aspects:

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Economic Assignment Help will help you in coping with the difficulties occurring in maintaining a good assignment on the topics involved in the field of economics. Some of the topics that come under the study of economics are:


In microeconomics, demand and supply is a key model for price determination in market. This model concentrates on the equilibrium between the demand and supply of a particular product. It postulates that in the competitive world of market, the price of a particular product or other trading items will fluctuate until it comes to a point of equilibrium creating a line of equality between the demand of a particular quantity of a product at current price and the supply of that product same at that current price. This will create an economic equilibrium between the quantity demanded and the supply made or produced at the current price; satisfying the need of sides, the consumer and the company.


In economics, pricing power refers to the effect that is produced after the change in price of a product on the demand of that product. A firm which doesn’t possess much pricing power then the change in price of product can lower the product’s demand in the market (of course from the consumer’s side). Pricing power is a key factor for creating or having a stable demand of product. It further help a firm to maintain a competitive environment in the market place. Pricing power further affects the economy of the whole firm. Because at the end what matter is to be in competition but if the company does not possess any pricing power technique then there is absolutely decrease in the demand.


Factor market refers to a market where the sold and bought activities of Factors Of Production (FOP) takes place. Factors Of Production further consists of three resources including capital, land and labor which are responsible and forms an important part of production activities. In factor market, labor, capital and land are exchanged or bought and sold to manufacture fine products. A factor market involves interaction between labor markets, the capital market, the market for raw materials, and the market for management and thereby creates a competitive market.


Economic regulation is concerned with the regulation of law within the application of economic criteria or market. It applies law on the various applications and activities in the market place. For instance, the economic regulation says that it is necessary to get registered or licensed the name of organization. Most of the countries dominate the supply and consumption of alcohol, films, constructions, drugs and even food. It allows an inspection process to be done and if the organization found to be operating unsafe then the person running the organization is liable to de-license the organization’s registered name or can also suffer penalty.


This term is concerned with the increase in profits for an organization. It is a process (long term or short term depending on the actions of the organization) in which an organization regulate the levels of price and the output that can provide good (in fact great) returns to the organization and thereby creating profit.

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