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The economy is not directly related to finance and accounting, but still, it is the backbone of an economy. Financial accounting assignment is very important for students to discuss in brief topic related to financial accounting. In simple terms, financial accounting means keeping the information related to money inflow and outflow. .Some people find it boring and also difficult to practice.but if the concept related to accounting practice, chart of accountants, etc. are clear financial accounting automatically become interesting subject. It’s a vast subject lets discuss few interesting topics which are covered in universities.


Bank reconciliation: it is the process by which we compare the accounting records of an individual for cash account with the records in the bank statement. The only purpose of bank reconciliation is to track the difference between the bank statement and accounting record of an individual. Bank statement provides us with the information which an individual made during a monththough bank account. It is very interesting to read about.

Accounting practice: it is done by the accounting department. Accounting practice means keeping the record of all business transactions. MakeMyAssignments help makes it easy for you to master in the area of accounting business transaction is the easy process because all the transaction done on an everyday basis are happening in the same fashion to maintain the reliable financial statements. MakeMyAssignments help deals with the topic which is easy and simple language is used to explain.


Chart of accountants: the name itself says it all .i.e., the chart of accounts is the list of accounts holding common information. The chart is divided into two columns the first column is of the account number for each account and second contains the account name. it is the reference tool used to keep the record of all the transactions. You can delete the inactive account. The account once deleted won't appear on the chart and gave the clear picture.

 Payroll: on behalf of company or business employees are rewarded for the work they have done is referred to as payroll. It consists of five steps starting from collecting information about the working hours, obtaining approval of hours worked, calculate pay, and calculate deductions and payments. It binds the employees with their jobs, therefore, its plays an essential role in an organization.  If you have any doubt, you can take the help of our experts and get your assignment done easily.

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