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Managerial Accounting disciplines

The basic motive of writing homework is to explain the topics related to the subject and also to explain how to implement the concepts and its implementation in practical life. Following are the few areas of management accounting for which you can contact our  experts for the assistance

Accepted accounting principles (GAAP) – GAAP are the principles which have been provided in regard of accountancy and are applicable in almost all the countries these GAAPs are considered to be the foundational base for accounting. This consists of the standards, norms and the rules which an accountant adheres within noting and integrating and while making the financial statements.

Cost Volume Profit Rule – this is related to cost accounting. It makes easier for us to understand the model and take short terms decisions accordingly. Where the total capital is same as total expenses i.e. The breakeven point where an organization will have no profit any loss, it gets difficult for us to analyze the Cost-Volume- Profit.

The margin of safety- it is the difference between actual cost of stock and its market price. It can also be defined as how can output level of a business can fall before reaching its breakeven point.

Contribution Margin Method – it can be defined as the difference between product price and all its related variable cost. It is the pricing strategy which maximizes the profit coming from the single item or service. The contribution margin is the concept of cost accounting which helps the organization to calculate the profitability of an individual product.

Cost Drivers –  is the unit of an activity which causes the change in activity cause. Activity base cause is the relationship between activity and its product. Cost drivers can be anything like numbers of sales personnel related to the company, adverts, number of customers calls received, number of staff in the service department and much more. Hence cost driver is the structural determinants of the price of an event.

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