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 Marketing is a business process that deals with the promotion and sales of goods and services. Management on the other hand, refers to the combined processes of making strategies to control the resources of an organization's and establishing coordination so as to achieve profits and goals of the organization. The concepts of Marketing and Management brought together refer to the phenomenon of creating marketing strategies and controlling marketing resources that will help in the promotion of goods and services. Ever since globalization, it has been a challenge for companies to promote internationally with limited resources. As a result, investment in marketing has increased incredibly.

All organizations analyze well the existing status and practices of the industry that they want to operate in. Various techniques are used to do such industry analysis such as potter five analysis, value-chain analyses and strategic group analysis to analyze the competitors. These are the basic practices followed by an organization to find the right manner to invest and operate in an industry. Marketing Management, as the term suggests is all about the management of markets. Our Marketing Management Assignment Help explains in detail the various concepts involved through easy examples and case studies.

Functions of Marketing Management

A brief description of the various concepts and functions of Marketing Management are stated below:

  • Marketing Objectives

Marketing Objectives are defined and laid out to be compared with the objectives and goals of the organization and to create synchronization between both. These marketing objectives make sure that the further process is planned and executed in the right direction.

  • Planning and organization

In this phase of Marketing Management, plans and strategies for the promotion and sales forecast are created. These plans are used as a base which the managers follow to execute the marketing objectives.

  • Coordination and direction

The managers in an organization coordinate with the managers at other locations and other stakeholders. They operate, control and provide guidance in the form of relevant marketing trends and techniques to all those involved in the business. They lead and supervise all processes and actions in the organization to achieve goals.

  • Control, Staffing and evaluation

This phase deals with controlling the actions of personnel, hiring of efficient and skilled employees as well as evaluating the day to day operations. It is essential to maintain a check on the synchronization between the company goals and plans created to achieve them. The managers conduct analysis that helps them in realizing whether the goals are aligned with the plans and execution being conducted and implement corrective measures if required.

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