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Mechanical Engineering Assignment Help relates with the field of Mechanical engineering which is one of the oldest discipline in the field of engineering. It is a kind of discipline which is related with physics and material science to design and analyze the manufacturing and mechanical systems. The origin of the field of mechanical engineering can be traced from the industrial revolution in Europe in 18th century though the development in all around the world took many years to recognize this field and mark it as a field of study (from education point of view). If we look for a simple meaning; the word mechanical consists of the term mechanic which resembles to a person who works with required tools to get anything fixed either it is to build or repair of any machinery, it is the work of handling tools and machines and having the knowledge of small tools fixed within the whole machinery. Mechanical engineering is also connected with the working of tools and metals. The engineers possessing the knowledge of mechanical know-how use specially designed tools such as computer-aided design (CAD), and product life cycle management to design and analyze the machineries, industrial and heavy machineries or equipment, manufacturing plant, crafting work like watercraft and aircraft, heating and cooling systems. It is a field of science which has made theoretical aspects possible into practical one which involves design, production and operation of machinery. It further have its division into another fields like metallurgy engineering, aerospace engineering, industrial engineering, chemical engineering and manufacturing engineering that can be considered as part of mechanical engineering because such professions overall with each other and possess very slight differences.

Mechanical engineering is a kind of field which is connected with almost every discipline like biomedical engineering which further may include modeling of biological systems, biomechanics etc. If we talk only about mechanical engineering then it is solely connected with physics and its applications. It consumes all the machinery work (and knowledge of their working & processing) which are further useful in some other form of discipline. The recognition to the field of mechanical engineering took place in the 19th century with the development of physics and its relationship with the reality of life. Mechanical engineering comes in variety of programmes- Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Science Engineering, Bachelor of Applied Science and Bachelor of Technology. The length of the course may vary from 3 to 5 years, studied as a part of graduation course or diploma. However, to become a professional mechanical engineering different regulations and aspects are there depending on the rules of state or particular location.

Mechanical Engineering Assignment Help focuses on the research areas and sub-disciplines of the field of mechanical engineering. Some of the sub-disciplines are:

  • MECHANICS: It includes the study of forces and their effect on different forms of matter. It works with the stress and strain on either elastic or plastic objects. This field is further divided into sub-disciplines including statics, kinematics, fluid mechanic and continuum mechanic. Fluid mechanic is one of the great works of mechanics which has led to the advancement in the lifestyle of people. It has made HVAC possible.
  • ROBOTICS: Robotics is a technique of manufacturing robots which is one of the applications of mechatronics. Mechatronics is a combined study of mechanics and electronics which can be used in the manufacturing of CD-ROM drive. On the other hand, the field of Robotics working on the manufacturing of robots is becoming commercial in the sense that they are used for industrial purposes to handle the heavy machineries which require lot of man power and now they are being sold to restaurants and domestic areas for recreational activities. They provide great support for bomb disposal and space exploration.

THERMODYNAMICS: Thermodynamic is a field of Applied Science works with the energy of matter and includes processing of both mechanical and chemical engineering. It deals with the conversion of energy from chemical to mechanical like an engine of a vehicle. The principles of mechanics are used in thermodynamics and vice versa to make innovations in the field of thermo fluids, heat transfer, manufacturing and designing of engines, ventilation radiators, heat sinks, HPVAC and refrigeration.

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