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A program controls the behavior of a machine especially of a computer system. Programme gives command, provide instructions to a system that need to be followed to get a particular output. It involves the series of actions where each series or action produce a unique effect on the state and output of the machines. A program being set by the user, allow the user to control the working or processing of machine via programming language. A programming language is a language which is coded for machines to run a program and get the desirable results from that machine. Thus, a programming language is a command which controls working of program and thereby machine. Programming language is a set of instructions that is used to produce variety of output and for each desirable output it is up to user how and what they command for. Most of the machines are programmable and allow the user to control them rather than controlling by itself. Programming language thus creates a need to specify the set of instructions to run a program.

Programming language assignment help focuses on the development of the programming language till 21st century. Earlier there were not such languages to have an ease with the working of machines. Computers were often programmed without the help of programming language and programs used to be written in the form of absolute machine language or machine code. The programs used to be in the decimal or binary form. The absolute machine languages were later called as first generation programming languages which used no translation methods to compile the information and create commands for the machine processing. And later was introduced second programming language then higher level programming language. The first high level language or third programming language was introduced in 1950. An early introduced third programming level language was designed between 1943 and 1945 but was not implemented until 2000. While in 1950 Alick Glennie (at university of Manchester) started working behind an Autocode type of language which would automatically convert the programming language into machine code. The first code was then developed into 1952 for Mark 1 that was considered to be the first compiled high level programming language. This stage can be considered as a base for other development that led to the introduction of 4th and 5th generation programming languages.

Just like the basic definition of atoms the building block of matter; there are primitive building blocks for all the programming languages which further describes data or collection of numbers or codes applied on the programming languages. There is a set of rules called syntax which is a combination of symbols considered to be correct for a particular structured language. Most of the programming languages are textual containing words, numbers and punctuation  (combined in a series) like of basic English language while some programming languages are graphical in nature. A syntax is called surface of programming language. A desirable output is generated when syntax is written in a correct combination or series. A possible combinations of syntax describes the correct programme. There is an another term called Semantics which refers to the meaning of languages in contrast with their forms of syntax. Programming language assignment help let you understand the different types of semantics – static and dynamic.

  • STATIC SEMANTICS: Data flow analysis in the programming languages like Java and C++ forms a part of part of their static semantics. The static semantic describes a structure of a valid text which is often hard to express in standard semantics form and it also implies to certain important restrictions including checking whether the identifier is used in correct form or context. The word static in the term static semantics is used to evaluate properties that the compiler can detect without considering any execution.
  • DYNAMIC SEMANTICS: Dynamic semantics is also known as execution semantic which works on when and how the language should construct a program behavior. It describe the strategies with the help of which expressions are evaluated to values. It depends on particular executions. Dynamic semantics was developed to manage or control anaphora and presupposition and this form has been further extended to cover other semantic and pragmatic phenomena.  

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