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Project management is the amalgamation of planning, organizing, motivating and controlling of resources done simultaneously to achieve the desired goal. A project has the specified beginning and ending designed to meet the specific goals and objective of an organization. It is done to bring changes or add values to the organization which is beneficial in the long run. Our main objective is to make you understand the practical application of PMP in real projects.

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Consult experts for Project Management homework

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Different project management methodologies that are useful in assignment completion

Agile project management: agile project management refer to iterative, incremental process of managing the design and building the activities like IT, engineering and other business areas. The objective of this is to provide new product and service in the highly flexible manner according to our project management assignment help experts there are many different methods such as Six Sigma and Kanban. 

Lean project management: lean project management refers to the improvement or adding more value to the project with the optimum utilization of resources. Most of the concepts have been taken from agile.

Benefits realization management: benefits realization management is the way to achieve the desired goals that stakeholders are expecting from the organization. According to the project management assignment writers,  process of BRM  consist of identification of investment, outline the benefits, narrow down the approach, plan the investment and optimising the plan in such a manner that it investment goes down,  using the plan and reviewing its impact.

Process-based management

The traditional approach


Prism (Projects integrating Sustainable Methods)

Critical chain project management: Critical chain project management (CCPM) is a method of planning and managing projects that put the main emphasis on the resources required to execute project tasks.

Project Management assignment experts reveal the importance of Project Management framework

You can easily get ample of information regarding project management framework on the internet. Our online assignment writing experts have the easy definition of project management concepts. Project management framework includes 

PROJECT LIFECYCLE- provides guidelines for basic and fundamental steps of project management. Project management development takes some steps. Few basic steps by which project can take place are business development, tendering contract negotiation, project closeout phase, implementation of the project and mobilization of the project.

Project control cycle –  its the second most important part of project management framework. It explains the management and planning at each stage. We make the plan for the activities to be performed and start working accordingly.  We keep a regular check on the progress and make changes accordingly if required

Templates and tools -  they are used for the implementation of the project in the organization. Making templates according to the scope,  size, and risk of the project is essential for project management support. Standardized templates can support a common language and processes.

MakeMyAssignments experts have complete project management framework. Which is designed to handle big university and enterprise level projects.. if you need any help regarding IT, engineering or any other field you can contact us. We can help you with the best quality project management assignment help online.

Event chain methodology: This is a methodology that is used to handle event chain that affects the project schedule. It is also known as uncertainty model or network analysis technique.

Project Portfolio Management assignment help from the professional PM assignment writers in Australia

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is the series of business practices and a method which allow an organization to manage projects as the strategical portfolio,  ensuring the alignment of programs with their organizational objectives. There are many aspects which are highlighted by our experts for students who need help regarding project management assignments. Students can learn the project selection criteria,  prioritization of projects, their identification, and prevention of problems that people face while working on projects.

PPM  is very beneficial for individuals and organizations regarding growth. It helps the organization in achieving the business objectives. With the help of this concepts, individual or organization can increase its level of output. The reason behind an increase in output is clearly regarding priorities and understanding the requirements of an individual or organization. Moreover, it acts as a corrective measurement tool between a project and financial facts.

Concept of Work Breakdown Structure

According to our experts, WBS is the activity by which complex work is broken into small fragments. It helps in increasing the efficiency of the team and used by the higher authority to simplify the project execution. This concept of WBS is applied by all the fields. The utility is the reason behind considering the work breakdown structure as under project management.

As per our online experts, the WBS is based on a tree structure. In other words, it's nothing but an effective measurement requires achieving an organizational objective. The WBS can be service, hardware or process-oriented. It can be developed by starting with the end objective and successfully dividing into sub-components such as responsibly, time which contains all steps which are necessary for an organization to achieve the objective efficiently and effectively.

WBS concept is practical in nature, and an individual can easily understand the concept just by analyzing the day to day problems. Our experts suggest that first step is to break work into smaller pieces. There are no rules and regulations to be followed in WBS. However few things have to be considered, i.e., accurate assigning of responsibilities, it should clearly portray the project milestones and control points, and it should clearly explain the scope of a project.

The samples that are provided on our website, you can check the last step is WBS diagram. It's the graphic representation of work packages that are explained by the project manager. If you want to plot the software you can break it into multiple branches. We have assignment help online for whose who need it.

How Project management triangle is useful in project completion

Projects have to be completed and delivered according to some guidelines.  Traditionally, these guidelines are scope, cost and time. These are also known as project management triangle where each side represents guideline. According to our experts, one side cannot be changed without leaving the impact on another two sides.

According to  the concepts PMP  if there will be any change in scope, time, cost it will further affect the quality or performance   of the organization to learn more about the concept of PMP  you can use our online service, i.e., online project management assignment help