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A project is a venture that has a certain beginning and end and is aimed at achieving certain peculiar goals and objectives to bring about a change or addition of value. Project management is a field which involves the planning and organizing as well as motivating and controlling the resources that are required for the achievement of objectives set in the project. We aim to explain the application of PMP so as to understand the practical use of it in real life.

A project is a venture that has a certain beginning and end and is aimed at achieving certain peculiar goals and objectives to bring about a change or addition of value. Project management is a field which involves the planning and organizing as well as motivating and controlling the resources that are required for the achievement of objectives set in the project. We aim to explain the application of PMP so as to understand the practical use of it in real life.

We are the best online help provider for those who find themselves stuck in understanding the concept of project management. The fact that the Project Management widens its scopes to cover all the modules of the project makes it extremely difficult to understand and the case studies related to PMP very time-consuming.  We have a team of skilled tutors who have a vast experience of handling such case studies and are readily available in cases of project management assignment help. Our tutors are also dedicated to meet deadlines which allow you to stop worrying about you PMP homework.

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Different project management methodologies that is useful in assignment completion

  1. Agile Project Management

Ajile project management is one of the conventional methods for designing and building projects for students from various fields such as IT, engineering, etc. According to our experts, Scrum, Kanban and Six Sigma are few of the many methods and approaches that help in the implementation of the agile management. For e.g., Scrum is the usual stand-up meeting in which the deliverables of the day are discussed amongst different teams through the stakeholders of each of those teams.

  1. Learn Project Management

Many of the concepts used in Lean Project Management are taken from the Ajile management and is used to add value to the project while minimizing the use and wastage of resources for doing the same.


  1. Benefits Realization Management

Benefits Realization Management helps in the realization of output and productivity that is hoped for by the stakeholders. The process of BMR is multi fold and includes the identification of investment outcomes, outlining of the measures of the whole outcome, narrowing down of a BMR approach and the planning and optimization of the investment plan. The process also includes the reduction of investment, implementation of the plan and review of the impact of Benefits Realization Management.

  1. Process-based management
  2. PRINCE2
  3. PRiSM (Projects integrating sustainable Methods)
  4. Critical Chain Project Management

The Critical Chain Project Management model was proposed by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and it is a process of planning and management of projects wherein the focus is put upon the resources that are essentially required for the execution of tasks in the project.

  1. Event Chain Methodology

The Event Chain Methodology is also known as the uncertainty model or network analysis technique and is used to handle the chain of events that affect the entire schedule of the project.

Project Management assignment experts reveal the importance of Project Management framework

If you search the internet, you will find enough information to confuse you which is why our experts provide you the specific and simple definition of the Project Management Framework. The experts distinguish the framework into three parts which are as follows:

Project Lifecycle – the project development in each case goes through a series of stages such as Business Development, Tendering, Contract Negotiation, Mobilization of the project, Implementation of the project and project close-out. The stage of project lifecycle provides the most basic step-by-step guidance of the process.  

Project Control Cycle

While the project lifestyle provides guidance about the tasks that are required to be performed, project control cycle provides the control and management of the stages under which the tasks are performed. As a part of the services provided by us, we plan and execute the activities that need to be performed in the project and maintain a check on the working and progress of the project as well as the efficiency of the process.

Templates and Tools

Templates and tools are necessary for the implementation of the project in an organization and are used for the construction of templates that may support the common language and processes. Also, the risks and scope relevant to the project are necessary to realize the effectiveness of the templates in the management of the project.

At MakeMyAssignments, we have a complete project management framework that has been constructed by our experts and are used by them to manage the projects that come to our organization through various big universities and enterprises. We recommend referring to the UK website of Cardiff University for a better understanding of project management and its framework. For online project management assignment help from any fields such as civil engineering, information technology, computer science or any other major fields, you can contact us and trust us for expert assignment help.

Project Portfolio Management assignment help from the professional PM assignment writers in the UK

The Project Portfolio Management is a series of practices and processes that are used by business organizations to deal with and manage various projects in the form of strategic portfolios while maintaining synchronization between the projects and the goals and objectives of the organization. The multiple aspects of project management are highlighted by our expert assignment tutors who provide assignment help to the students who need it. Through our services, the students can learn about the various processes of project portfolio management such as project selection, project prioritization as well as the identification and prevention of different issues and problems faced by the people while dealing with a project.

Project Portfolio Management is very helpful for the growth of not just an individual but also an organization through the achievement of objectives. Our expert tutors provide the clear understanding of concepts as well as the project priorities which leads to the better achievement of results. PPM also helps in the establishment of a relationship between the project and the financial facets.

Concepts of Work Breakdown Structure

As the term suggests, Work Breakdown Structure is an activity which allows the fragmentation of the whole work into smaller parts which allows the managers to easily execute the project and increase the efficiency of the project. The Work Breakdown Structure is used in the projects of multiple fields such as Information Technology, Consulting and Marketing Assignment Help. The only reason because of which WBS is considered as a part of Project Management is because of the utility of the concept.

As suggested by our expert writers and tutors, WBS is nothing but an effective means of achieving the objectives defined in the project. The process of WBs can be established by first recognizing the end aim or objective of the project and then fragmenting the process into different components that are divided on the basis of different factors such as size duration, responsibility such as systems, sub-systems, components, tasks, sub-tasks, etc. The Work Breakdown Structure can be either hardware, product, service or even process-oriented. The Work Breakdown Structure must define the necessary steps that are required for the fulfillment of the project objective.

While there is no necessary rule of creating fragments of the activities and processes that are required for the achievement of objectives of a project, our writers suggest that it is highly beneficial for someone involved in a project to practice the fragmentation because it is highly effective and practical to break the work into pieces. When one chooses to use the WBS while completing a project, they must take care of a certain factors. The WBS must clearly state the objectives and scope of the project, accurately define the responsibilities in the assignment as well as trace the project milestones and control points.

The final step in the WBS is a work breakdown diagram which is a graphical representation of the work fragments that are outlined by the project manager. A project can be broken down into certain branches for the purposes of plotting the WBS diagram into software such as Project Management, Technical Design, Testing and training. These branches can be further divided into smaller tasks such as Project Plan, Project Schedule, Project Charter, Project Plan, Design Overview, etc.  We also provide an Assignment Help Online Module on project management for those who feel the need for it.

How Project management triangle is useful in project completion

A Project Management Triangle is constituted of the various constraints that are faced during the completion of a project such as Time, Cost and Scope. Each side of the Project Management Triangle is represented by each of these constraints and neither of them can be changed without affecting the other. For e.g. in order to widen the scope of the project, by adding a new functionality, the human resource or the time or the cost will have to be increased so as to accommodate the widened scope.

The refinement in PMP allows a segregation and separation of the ‘quality’ and ‘performance’ from the scope of the project which makes ‘quality’ a fourth constraint. Our team of project management experts defines the cost constraint as the amount of budget that is available and viable for the completion of the project while the scope is defined through the types of activities that are necessary for the achievement of the objectives of the project. Much more can be learnt about project management through our online assignment help services.

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