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Human resource is the availability of human for work in an organization. Though the technology has replaced many labor work but still the machines are supposed to be run with the power of hand and power of mind of humans. And it is well said that technological devices are made for humans not to replace humans. Human resource management assignment help is concerned with the need of human resource in any organization. Human resource and human capital these terms are often used interchangeably although the term human capital is related with the concept of economic growth while human resource means as man power. Human resource is the basic need behind the development of any state, or nation. Without the power of human nothing is possible. Either it is about playing with technology, searching for life on any planet; the human mind is now breaking the limits and also working or going behind the limits of the planet earth. Human resource Management can be considered as a process which is related with acquiring, Training, appraising and compensating the employees.

Human Resource management Assignment help focuses on the management of human resource.  The Management of Human Resource is called management of HR where HR department is assigned in most of the offices. The work of HR departments concentrates the hiring of employees or human resource for the development of the organization (for which the HR department is working). HR helps to appoint employees, work on the need and comfort of employees by offering variety of policies as per the need of whole organization, have an eye on the smooth working and discipline within and among each department or member or employee of the organization and also works for planning strategies to manipulate minds of human resource (or employees) that further can make employees to always be positive for their work and responsibilities in the office. The primary need of HR is to maintain the number of employees but the other duties and responsibilities are even more than that which may also include to dismiss any employee for his or her non-performance. It is concerned with the organizational change and the industrial relations. It maintain a balance among different practices within the organization while maintaining law and discipline. Some offices hire HR for creating a medium between the boss and the employee. There is some difference that lies at each designation and profession; some people (employees) don’t prefer to directly talk to their bosses about any issue they are facing within the office premises while some just say what they want leading to unprofessional ways which is not good in professionalism.  So such companies create a department for HR, hire people having required skills who then become a medium for maintaining professional level within the organization.

HR focuses on the following aspects:

  1. Mergers and Acquisitions: Merger refers when one company combines with other company for the betterment of both and acquisition is when one company is taken over by other company. The whole concept of merger and acquisition make two separated companies to gain more valuable place in the market as compared to that of their individual stands because the both companies work for each other’s wellness; creating a mutual relationship between the two. This further enhances the wealth of both companies. Following things can take place under merger and acquisition:
  • Exchange of shares for shares
  • Exchange or purchasing of shares for assets

Such steps make a company to maintain a competitive nature in the market place and this merger & acquisition can be done for short time or for long time depending on the legal documentations and on its types or forms.

  1. Talent Management: Talent Management is to predict the human capital for an organization and make required planning to meet the demands of the organization. It is a science or psychology in a sense it identifies current and future need of human resource so that it can create path for successfully fulfilling the goals or work for strategic human resource planning.

Labor relation: Labor Relation possesses different definitions; some define it in the context of social inequality while some define it in the context of working environment. Basically, labor relation is the working of employees under the implications of certain laws and rules which may include working hours, time and date type of work, amount of remuneration, degree of freedom related with the work and within the working hours and the laws like labor law which protects the rights of employees.

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